Monday, August 14, 2006

MONDAY aug 14th 2006 (isit?OMG) i feel bad today inregards to the air,1st its too hot,everytime i step outside i get a "eyeball headache" from hell, and it never really has gone away,been with me all day, Also because of the methotrexate, im super sensitive to the sun and HEAT -i swaet like unimaginably within seconds of being outdoors.....
I had intended on working today, i could not due to the awful way inwhich i woke up last nite @2.00 am-ish -i left a blog about why the time is off on this blogger thing- I COLD NOT GO BACK 2 sleep,, I tried everything, i took 2 benodryl - snacked -nothing would knock me out = the PREDNISONE effects,are hyperness and other awful side effects (paronoia,heavy-appitite-no brite lites!). I stay so hyper from 10 ml of pred everyday i stay speeding on that, then when i NEED to sleep- i have 2 take sleeping pills ((i have tried them ALL OTC and prescriptions))None work as well as benodryl, so, 2 everynite or IM not gonna sleep - i could NOT walk or talk or even think at 7.30 am to get up and get going,, i felt like the bus hit me,,

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