Monday, July 31, 2006

these are some messed up bones now.......
today i woke up in time to beat the pain again, Problem with that is by 3.00 pm im exhausted,, like i mowed 5 yards - or built a house , i am soooo tired i can barely keep my eyes open,
these are photos from todat and more can b seen at

i took alot of photos of my hands and feet today. the swelling has decreased because i took it easy," real easy " yesterday,, so i feel half normal today, EXCEPT that i still have that pain in my right hip,, its persistant and deep and only way to forget it is to take pain meds,, (which i think is making me soosleepy)
sorry for all the dislexia ...mybackwards words,,bad habbit,,i cant contoll and i just let it happen ,, ive edited alot on these blogs,,because im usualy soo tierd when writting these,,then after rest,,i see all my dislexia backwards spelling, (ive always done tht- i handwrite like that too) examples are for =fro
with -wiht
and others,,

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