Saturday, July 29, 2006

woke up satuday morning (29th of july) and realized,, REALLY dont feel anybetter then when i went to sleeplast nite, looks like i did not move either, same position i fell asleep in Last nite i had the most unbearable pain in my right hip, knee and ankle and all the regular stuff,but my hip is bad, I realized this morning AT 8.00am -THATS WHEN I OPENED MY EYES TO A BEAUTIFUL NEW DAY,
only to find myslf in bad shape, i hobbled back here, to the computer room ,to take my pills -i took the whole group in one shot/ swallow .. but it backed up and i had that "HARD TO swallow again,thingy " thought i was gonna choke- loose my pills, but i saved it,, i got thru it,then found my self waiting for them to kick in,, on the floor in pain ,crying, for 20- 30 minuets ,, (quietly so noone would come to worrie or ask to help me, because theres nothing noone can do,and my kelly gets stressed -cuz she cant help me) it makes her cry,then its just a "cry fest",, crazy libras

**** 11.21 NOW , i feel the pain, but its" hidden" under my other pain meds (un-named pills) and (no name allowed PILLS),, those pills wrk tho ,i need to figure out how to wake up" NOT in pain"

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