Sunday, July 30, 2006

sunday, woke up at 5.00 am, like the old.days,Meaning i never can wake up that early anymore---- i USED to get up @ 5 naturally-
I noticed the tingling in my hands and feet,BUT this is BEFORE it all goes off, its JuST starting... so i took pain meds NOW and stayed up to see if it went into pain or was stopped by pain meds,,result= awsome i beat the pain by taking meds at 4.45 -5.00 am / i KNOW the pac-mans munching away on my knuckles usually starts at 5.00 am,and it comes up with a vengence,, no creeping in,,just a Bam! pain galore-
unbearible- so i go down from that point, it takes about all day to recover from the fight to wait for medicine to kick in, by god,i dont know what id do w/o prednisone,(bad, bad drug) but its what is holding back the flare BUT i need more, Doctor sd NO! we should not have even began the predisone BUT now im dependent and its gonna take a long time to get off it, this DRUG makes me crazy , i cry and feel like everyones out to get me,, im paronoid way way beyond whats normal, and i drive everyone crazy wiith moodyness and scared of everyting, shit, it messes me up bad- i DONT recommend to take pred if ever given the choice.

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