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we have survived the predicted march 15th POLE SHIFT
and the SUPER MOON gravitational tug of war on the earths oceans.
*mega-doom* has been usual......heheeeheee.gosh.
this is alot like the "boy who cried wolf" story.

URGENT: Universe slowly being dissolved by inter-dimensional CUBES. CUBES THAT ARE NOW AROUND THE SUN!
This was mentioned inside another thread, but I found it pretty important so I think it needs its own!
Is this what they found hovering in the recent photos around the sun???
Who and what are the Attas? Why must they use said cubes? Any other info???

cubes like this ?
Sacred or esoteric geometry is really a language used to describe the interaction and expression of forms. In the physical dimension where there is space, time and matter, geometry becomes crude and almost nonsensical, although some have tried to make sense of it. Because of its obscurity, geometry is not an effective language in the physical dimension. Sounds and symbols have been substituted for geometry to produce meaningful language for expression and communication.

The sun is being destroyed by the light.its over for this evil creation by demiurge
Current speculation is that the "earth changes" are being caused by a shifting of the polarity of the Earth's poles. This speculation is mainly based upon outdated information. Plans have changed. A polarity shift is no longer going to happen, neither is a shift of the Earth's axis going to take place.

Now, the question must be addressed as to why the sun is heating up. It is heating up because the Fifth Amoeba of the Light (an Attas) is actively shattering the cube by using several arraa-tons (sun cruisers) to heat up the sun. These crafts have been photographed around and seemingly within the sun. But, how could that be? Scientists tell us that nothing could ever approach the sun because the heat is too intense.

Again, this is a misconception that is based upon speculation about the nature of the sun. The sun's primary method of heating is via radiation. It primarily radiates the atmosphere around objects, heating the respective atmospheres. It also radiates heat via contact with objects. This is readily apparent by taking readings of the external temperature of an airplane that is flying at high altitude. The outside temperature of the airplane correlates with the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere, adjusted by the sun's radiant effect on the airplane. The plane's body gets colder and colder as the atmosphere around it thins and does not readily absorb the sun's radiation. From this it can be seen that the heating of the atmosphere is more effective than the heating of the object.

large cube shapes vessels around our sun

Instead of an airplane, consider a spacecraft. If it were launched towards the sun, as it left the Earth's atmosphere it would still get colder and colder even though it is getting closer to the sun. Outside of the craft it would also be dark even if it is approaching the sun. This is because the atmosphere around it is so thin that it is not effectively heated or lighted by the sun's radiation.

This is why the Attas arraa-tons can actually fly quite close to the sun before the sun's radiant heat begins to significantly affect the crafts. At about 800,000 miles from the sun, the effect of the sun's heat is so great that the Attas need to raise the solar shields of the arraa-tons to deflect the heat and protect the crafts. Were the shields to malfunction at any stage within 500 miles of the sun, the arraa-tons would melt.

The arraa-tons then fly through the sun's burning atmosphere before approaching the spinning cube. When they approach the cube they hover above it, spinning with it. Once "inside" the cube (which is actually inside the sun's atmosphere but above the cube) the spinning seems to stop because of WCLU's illusion of "no motion". Instead of this illusion confusing and hindering the occupants of the arraa-tons, the illusion is used to their benefit. It allows them to calmly go about their work in the midst of a virtual whirlwind. This is a little like being in the eye of a hurricane where it is calm.

The arraa-tons then go about "working the corners" of the cube, by hovering just above a corner of the cube and launching off the corner in the opposite direction of the cube's spin. These launches exert great force on the corners of the cube and "push" the cube in the direction of the spin, using maximum leverage from the corners to cause the cube to spin faster and faster with each launch.

As the cube spins faster and faster, the turbulent vortex near its north pole spins more and more vociferously, sucking more fuel into the sun's atmosphere. Consequently, the sun burns quicker and hotter with each launch off its corners.
Ironically, while the corners of the cube form a formidable Light trap, they are also the weakness of the cubed trap. It is also ironic that WCLU's illusion of "no motion" is being used to disassemble the sun by superheating it until it literally burns itself up.

Esoterically, the corners and edges of the cube are hard angles that cause conflict, friction, wars, distrust, violence etc. Exoterically, the corners and edges are the principal instruments of friction and heat that cause the sun's atmosphere to blaze.

The Designer of the cube planned for conflicts and wars to be caused by motion of the cube. It suspected that the Amoebas of Light would be investigating Its usurpation of the sector of True Creation. It further suspected that were the cubes easily perceived, the Amoebas would stop them immediately. Hence, the Designer used illusions to make the sun and stars appear to be spheroid shapes in the hope that this would confuse and delay the Rescue Operation by the Amoebas of Light.

It is the usurpation of this sector by Darkness and Its steadfast refusal to release the trapped True-Light beings that has caused the Light to rescue those True-Light beings who have been held ransom by Darkness for so long. This has culminated in the final stage of the Correction Plan by the Light to liberate Her/His children from Darkness. While the final Purification will be carried out by the Creator of Light, the children of Light who are awaiting the rescue are urged to purify themselves as best they can by rejecting the evils of Darkness in order to help them stay "sane" during the tumultuous times.

Many stars have already been extinguished by the method described in this essay. Many of the stars in the sky are no longer burning. We are only seeing the radiant light from long ago in the sky because it takes years for light to reach the Earth from any of the stars.

In the Pure Realm, there is no actual air, earth, water or fire. Those were all created by Darkness and were forced upon Special beings whom we know as the Elements Air, Earth, Water and Fire. Once those Special beings are released from Darkness, they will return to their original Divine Abode, along with all the beings who have chosen to enter the Light of their own freewill (the viables).

The sun is the product of False Light. Those who have chosen to enter the True Light by their own freewill will welcome this joyous news — the Return to Purity and True Unconditional Love and Peace is nigh.

The sceptical ones will continue to vainly mock in their own pitiful ignorance.

The desire for liberation from Darkness burns deeply within all children of the True Creator of Light. This yearning for liberation is NOT a psychological escapism. It is something that all True-Light beings have within themselves. They all long for their return to their True Home.

Soon the "drumming" will begin — the cubes will all stop spinning — the fires will die — all matter will be gone forever. The viable children of Light who have been trapped here for so long will return Home and rejoice upon their Liberation from Darkness.

higher dimensional grid (energy makes the illusion we call material)
euklidean shapes (material tools used for representation of energy pathways in charged enviroment)
next stable magnetic variation (progression of a field in dynamic enviroment)

This is so left of field, it is probably true.

"The sun of our solar system is NOT a sphere at all. It is a CUBE. Astronomers and scientists have erroneously assumed that since the planets and moons in the solar systems are spheroid, that the stars (suns) must also be spheres. It is important to see the sun as it is — a cube — in order to begin breaking down the illusion and programming the sun emits.

The cube (sun) tumbles and gyrates upon its central point. This tumbling is so rapid that it creates the illusion that the cube (sun) seems to be a sphere. In fact, all extant stars in the cosmos are cubes tumbling and gyrating so rapidly that they appear to be spheres."

Also, there was s crop circle that had a cube....or, cubes.

A quote by Voltaire: "If they can make you believe absurdities they can make you commit atrocities,"

Astrally projecting to the centre of the sun

We are all part of one consciousness exploring itself

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