Tuesday, March 15, 2011

today is the DAY they..predicted ELEnin would create a pole-shift ,,physical pole shift- today -TODAY,,we shall see. i dont have a feeling that this will happen today,, march 15th 2011- i think we are gonna eat dinner tonight just like i did every other nite in the past,, i thank GOD above for that too.
i pray for peace and comfort for the japan people , they r so composed and
under control,,,does everyone see that?
they are so afraid to speak out for fear of government retaliation? im not sure of what im seeing about the behavior of the japan people. who can explain this behaviour? what has heavy history and oppression done to these people?
or are they just so well composed because intellectual they are on a higher plane then us here in corporate USA? i wonder about all the culture differences and how they evolved into what we see today ? its all so weird. almost surreal understanding of a very large planet with allot of people and it all fits together into a big picture.. of evolution.

ELENIN COMET - THIS IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Use the nasa simulation and see the alignment on the day of Chile Earthquake
(Feb 27, 2010) and Japan EQ(Mar 11, 2011)

expect the next big one on November 22, 2011

And the one after that is December 27, 2012

Today = 15th March = No pole shift

Mayan calender ends 12/21/12 or 10/28/11 depending on whose math and calculations are being used.

Today is comet ELENIN!


Extinction Level Event Nibiru Is Near

maybe they gave us the march 15th day to keep us from warning people about the upcoming, at the time, March 11th day.

We'll have to be vigilant on all the 11's now!

where is terral?

Massive quakes, animals dying, plates moving, axis shifting, volcanoes erupting...

You might want to look at the New Madrid massive quake of December, 1811...

Guess what was in the neighborhood

One of the largest comets in history was the Great Comet of 1811. It was one of the few comets in history to be discovered with a relatively small telescope at an unusually great distance from the sun, in this case over half-way to the planet Jupiter's orbit. The nucleus has been estimated as between 30 and 40 kilometers in diameter. At one point during September to October 1811 the coma reached a diameter roughly equivalent to the diameter of the sun and was a very notable naked-eye object seen by people around the world.

And before people go writing anything off in earths history such as giants, aliens, ufos, whatever...

Remember dinosaurs...65 foot reptiles with 40 inch teeth...

Sounds crazy, but totally real..

You have to ask, why all the secrecy around Egypt and the pyramids or the mayan temples...
Why has access been restricted??
What exactly do they have to keep secret???
I think we all know

Like I said...Study the ancient cultures, writings, drawings, sculptures...
You will get your answers really fast...Its out there, but hidden from us throughout history..
Why??...Its called controlling a population..Creating an Empire...A race of slaves...
And if you dont believe your a slave...Take a long hard look at your life.

god bless all

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