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Official LIST of recent 'AND SO IT BEGINS' events

A Timeline of Events
List Begins
December 2009 2010:

Norway Spiral appears on December 9, 2009. Mainstream media reports that the unusual formation in the sky above the Arctic Circle was a "failed Russian rocket launch".

January 6, 2010: England and Europe in major Deep Freeze, as major snow and bitter cold not seen in centuries grips the entire European continent. At the same time, much of North America, Asia, China and North Korea also experience record amounts of snow and cold temperatures.

January 15, 2010: A 5.7 earthquake rocks the Venezuela coastline.

January 12, 2010: Catastrophic 7.0 earthquake devastates the entire island nation of Haiti, killing an estimated 200,000 people and leaving millions homeless and in jeopardy of starvation, disease and exposure.

February 15, 2010: The Soufriere volcano on the Caribbean island of Montserrat erupts, sending an impressive ash cloud over twenty thousand feet into the air.

February 17, 2010: Millions across Great Britain and Ireland witness a large meteor fireball explosion in the night sky.

February 9, 2010: A series of three major blizzards sweeps across the Northeast US, delivering unprecedented amounts of snow and hurricane force winds that virtually paralyze the nation's capitol as well as all of the Northeast, including New York City, Philadelphia and Boston.

February 26, 2010: A significant 6.9 earthquake hits southern Japan, prompting a tsunami alert.

February 27: A massive 8.8 earthquake rattles much of Chile, killing hundreds and leaving large portions of Santiago and other cities in ruin. The temblor is one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded, and generated a massive tsunami that swept around the world. The quake was so powerful, it altered the earth's axis, shortening the average day by one second.

March 6, 2010: Historic heavy rains and hail batter Melbourne, Australia, flooding the streets and turning city landscapes into winter wonderlands.

March 11, 2010: NASA admits they are searching for "Nemesis/Nibiru/Wormwood", a hypothetical twin to our sun that "has a long, elliptical orbit around our sun that brings it back to our area of the solar system" during certain points of time, to cataclysmic earth consequences.

March 15, 2010: Cyclone Thomas, a dangerous Category 5 storm batters the island paradise of Fiji with 175 MPH winds and torrential rain, destroying entire cities and leaving the beautiful island in ruins.

March 19, 2010: Dangerous Cyclone Ului lands on the coast of Queensland, Australia, as a Category 3 storm, after it had briefly achieved the dreaded Category 5 status, bringing heavy winds and dangerous flooding to the Australian coast.

March 20, 2010: A blinding sandstorm brought on by years of severe drought and high winds blankets large parts of China, Mongolia and North Korea, forcing residents to wear eyeglasses and face masks while outside.

March 20, 2010: The Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull erupts after being dormant for almost two hundred years.

March 22, 2010: Another unprecedented rainstorm with abnormally heavy hail strikes Australia, this time in Perth, WA, a city that rarely receives heavy rainfall.

March 31, 2010: The UK and parts of Europe are gripped by a freak late season snowstorm that brings unusually heavy snowfall and gripping cold temperatures to a large swathe of the continent.

April 4, 2010: A major 7.2 earthquake rattles the Baja Peninsula, Mexico, and parts of Southern California, damaging homes and causing intense panic.

April 8, 2010: Record-shattering rainfall hits the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, as more than eleven inches of rain fall in less than twenty-four hours, creating nightmarish gridlock, panic in the streets, deadly mudslides and killing over two hundred people.

April 10, 2010: Video of a large comet impacting the Sun taken by the SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) satellite is released to major media outlets.

April 10, 2010: A plane carrying the Polish president, his wife and many of the country's top military and government leaders crashes in Russia, en route to a ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the slaughter of thousands of Poles by Russians, killing all on board.

April 14, 2010: Another large 7.2 earthquake strikes China, devastating entire remote villages and killing a reported two thousand people.

April 15, 2010: A dangerous ash cloud from an erupting Icelandic volcano drifts across Europe, causing chaos throughout the continent as airports are closed, flights grounded and hundreds of thousands of travellers left unable to get home. Many airports are closed for an entire week, and tens of thousands of flights are eventually cancelled, crippling the already ailing airline industry and doing incalculable damage to the European economy.

April 15, 2010: An impressive meteor fireball explodes over the American Midwest, prompting 911 emergency calls across a four state area, as the explosion lights up the sky and causes the ground to shake. Several videos of the explosion are released to the media.

April 17, 2010: Iranian President Ahmadijenad announces that over five million inhabitants of the Iranian capital of Tehran need to be "relocated due to the imminent threat of a catastrophic earthquake" in the city.

April 21, 2010: A massive explosion and fire on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana triggers an environmental catastrophe with far-reaching effects on wildlife, the ecosystem of the Gulf and the nation's fragile energy supply and economy, as thousands of gallons of crude oil continue to pump into the open waters of the Gulf each day.

April 26, 2010: The Santaguito volcano in Guatemala continues to erupt, sending an ash plume 27,000 feet into the air, carpeting local villages in several inches of gray ash.

May 1, 2010: Record breaking, unprecedented rainfall hits the Tennessee valley, causing massive flooding and prompting many rescues, as rivers and streams turn into dangerous torrents of water. An astonishing twelve inches of rain fall over parts of the deluged area in twenty-four hours, as rain continues to fall.

May 1, 2010: The rupture of an important water pipe deep underground providing fresh water to over two million people in Boston creates a health emergency in the city.

May 1, 2010: A bomb scare rattles Midtown Manhattan, NYC, on a busy Saturday evening, clearing out bustling Times Square as police investigate the incident.

May 3, 2010: News arrives that a multi-million dollar French communication satellite has been knocked out of its geo-stationary orbit, possibly by intensifying solar activity, and now threatens other satellites in nearby orbits.

May 3, 2010: A 6.2 quake strikes off Chile once again.

May 4, 2010: The return of an ash cloud being spewed by an active Icelandic volcano threatens to once again shut down airspace over Ireland and parts of the UK, as concerns a second, more powerful Icelandic volcano, Katla, will soon erupt as well.

May 5: Unusually high waves and swells batter the French Riviera, with waves of eight to ten meters observed, closing down beaches and local businesses and sinking ships, just as Cannes prepared for its famous international film festival.

May 5, 2010: Schools and businesses have been closed across Riyadh, Saudi Arabia after abnormally heavy rains brought the Saudi capital to a standstill and killed at least one person.A unusual 45-minute downpour on Monday, which included light hail and winds that gusted up to 42km/hour, caused flooding and hours-long traffic jams across the city.

May 5, 2010: A 6.5 quake is registered in Sumatra, Indonesia

May 6, 2010: A tornado, torrential rains and hail hit China’s southwestern city of Chongqing on Wednesday killing 29 people and injuring 190 others. At least 1,000 homes in six towns were also destroyed and 10,000 others were damaged by the storms, local newspapers reported. Six inches of rain fell in the region flooding and blocking roads. Gale-force winds felled trees and power lines cutting electricity and damaging homes.

May 6, 2010: Global stock markets plunge as social unrest grips Greece and parts of Europe, as fall out from the 100 Billion Euro economic bailout plan for the country comes under fire.

May 7: 2010: A stunning "parade" of over ten thousand toads on a street in Chengdu, China, stretching over 200 meters long, aroused public jitters over possible upcoming tremors on Tuesday in Sichuan province, where a powerful earthquake jolted in 2008, killing tens of thousands. A similar toad exodus took place during the days preceding that cataclysmic earthquake.

May 7, 2010: A containment “box” designed to plug the massive oil geyser gushing into the Gulf of Mexico and creating an environmental catastrophe of unimaginable proportions fails, as reports that deep beneath the surface of the ocean’s bed, pressure and methane gas build-up caused the disaster to occur.

May 8, 2010: A 7.4 earthquake is recorded in Sumatra, Indonesia.

May 9, 2010: Another series of violent eruptions take place on Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano, creating another massive volcanic ash cloud that threatens to disrupt air traffic over large portions of Europe yet again.

May 11, 2010: Astronomers make a startling discovery: the massive planet has lost one of its prominent stripes, leaving its southern half looking unusually blank. Scientists are not sure what triggered the disappearance of the band.

May 14, 2010: Heavy, torrential rains are reported in China, resulting in flooding and mudslides, killing over one hundred people.

May 15, 2010: The space shuttle Atlantis encounters a dangerous debris field as it makes its way to its final mission in space.

May 20, 2010: The Mount Baru Jari volcano erupts in Indonesia.

May 22, 2010: Active volcano Arenal in Costa Rica issues forth another impressive eruption.

May 22, 2010: 158 people are killed in an Air India crash in Mangalore.

May 25, 2010: Travel alerts are issued for Jamaica, as civil unrest and bloodshed erupts in the streets, leaving scores murdered.

May 26, 2010: Record-breaking rain, winds, storm and hail batter much of Germany and Poland, causing flooding, mass power outages and killing at least twenty.

May 26, 2010: A 6.5 earthquake is reported in Brazil.

May 26, 2010: A 7.5 earthquake rocks the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu, prompting a tsunami alert.

May 26, 2010: The latest attempt to stop the unbelievably catastrophic oil leak tainting the Gulf of Mexico is a colossal failure, as almost forty days have passed since the beginning of the disaster, with no end in sight.

May 26, 2010: A mysterious, near-stationary fireball is filmed in the skies above Ontario, Canada.

May 27, 2010: Maoist terrorists take credit for sabotaging a high-speed Indian passenger train, resulting in over sixty deaths, with the death toll expected to rise.

May 27, 2010: More saber-rattling on the Korean peninsula, as South Korea blames the North for torpedoing a submarine, killing sixty-eight on board, and North Korea claims it will “destroy any and all aggressors”.

May 28, 2010: Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom has declared a state of emergency after a powerful eruption at the southern Pacaya volcano killed one person and forced the international airport to close.

May 28, 2010: Thousands flee as a volcano in the South American nation of Ecuador also erupts on the same day as a volcano in Guatemala.

May 29, 2010: Workers evacuated from North Sea oil rig as Norwegian engineers pump cement into offshore well to prevent explosion after a dangerous methane gas build-up is detected.

May 29, 2010: A fire blazing at an Iranian oil rig after a methane gas explosion may take up to one month to extinguish, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported on Sunday.
Three oil workers were killed and at least 10 injured when the fire broke out at well number 24 at the Naft Shahr oil field early on Saturday.

May 30, 2010: Tropical Storm Agatha has killed at least 100 people in Guatemala and Honduras, as drenching rain, mudslides and floods also left many more missing and forced thousands to flee their homes, officials said, as two separate volcanoes, Pacaya and Santiaguito continue to remain in high eruption mode, creating two national emergencies for the Central American nation.

May 30, 2010: The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is warning residents on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, that an unusual combination of low pressure systems is creating dangerous weather conditions, with hazardous gale-force winds and torrentially heavy rain expected. Winds reaching in excess of 130 KMP are forecast for the region, prompting weather and travel advisories for all of the state.

May 30, 2010: The Popocatepeytl volcano in Mexico City (with a population of over thirty million people) is put on high alert for eruption.

May 31, 2010: Israeli commandos storm six ships carrying hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists on an aid mission to the blockaded Gaza Strip, killing at least 10 people and wounding dozens, as Turkey and other countries issued loud and angry condemnations and warnings regarding the attack.

May 31, 2010: A giant ash plume from an eruption volcano on Vanuatu threatens to close down air space. Meantime, an underwater volcanic eruption has led to a state of disaster being declared across the entire Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. The governor, Benigno Fitial, declared the state of disaster following a loud explosion at the submarine volcano on the island of Sarigan, located about 175 kilometers north of Saipan. A .5-meter tsunami was detected by buoys. A huge smoke plume was seen over the island on the weekend. As a result sea and air traffic has been severely affected.

May 31, German President Horst Kohler steps down from office, effective immediately.

June 1, 2010: The list of volcanoes currently in high eruption mode include: Pacaya. Santiaguito. Tungurahua. Sarigan. Vanuatu. Arenal, Soufriere, Mayon, Baru Jari, Kamchatka, and Eyjafjallajokull.

June 1, 2010: A 6.1 earthquake is recorded in both Costa Rica and in the Philippines.

June 1, 2010: A massive sandstorm cloud descends upon parts of China, burying entire villages in meters of sand and ash.

June 1, 2010: Allahabad, India - Hundreds have died as a result of a heat wave in northern India. The country is experiencing its hottest temperatures ever recorded.

June 1, 2010: A huge sinkhole in Guatemala City, Guatemala, reportedly swallowing a three-story building. The sinkhole appears to be about 60 feet (18 meters) wide and about 300 feet deep.
( list part one-glp)

*******Nikkei Dow down 666.66**************

Hack Jammer-
1. Nibiru/Wormwood/Brown Dwarf coming (x)
2. End of the Mayan Calendar (x)
3. Comet Eilin (x)
4. Japan Earthquake (x)
5. Turmoil in Middle East (x)
6. Financial markets crumbling (x)
7. Dollar being abandoned (x)
8. Earthquake in Chile (x)
9. Earthquake in Southeast Asia (x)
10. Flooding/Hurricane, (2) in Australia (x)
11. Earthquake in New Zealand (x)
12. Navy Warships steaming through radioactive cloud (x)
13. Radioactive cloud mixing with Jetstream heading toward US coast (x)
14. Job loss (x)
15. Housing disaster (x)
16. Chemtrail Spraying
17. Water Fluoridation
18. Vitamin D deficiency
19. Hexavalent chromium contamination in H2O pattern here....please move along,....

" And as the end begins,Japan shall be crushed beneath the tides and a fire there from shall envelope the northern hemisphere, a great plague of the skin shall be afoot.
The governments shall lie and trade blame while they are safe in new built caves and structures far beneath the ground,
Nippon shall be consumed as Atlantis in an afternoon".

Cayce 1938,1225.357.228.b
[link to]

Cayce: “… The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. …. then we may know it has begun

The next parts are worse."In Canadia, men with ropes as hair shall live amongst the putrifaction of the land, Atlantis re discovered in western Spain and then the comet comes".
1938. 1225.358.102a.

Radioactive releases at Fukushima could last months, experts say.
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WASHINGTON — As the scale of Japan’s nuclear crisis begins to come to light, experts in Japan and the United States say the country is now facing a cascade of accumulating problems that suggest that radioactive releases of steam from the crippled plants could go on for weeks or even months.


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