Saturday, March 12, 2011

***BREAKING: Problems at nuclear reactor number 3*** an
expert in these things on bbc just said that the jap gov, were lieing and that the only way you would have a explosion like this was gas from inside the core,

said that by them letting pressure out of dome, it caused the explosion, as it caused hydron to build,

but his point was that hydron had to be made in the reactor, and leaked into the oter building,

BREAKING: Cooling system fails at Fukushima No. 2 plant
The emergency cooling system is no longer functioning at the Fukushima No. 3 reactor, an official from Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has told journalists.

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission says it has sent two experts to Japan to help assist local authorities

There's no way they can STOP the Core Meltdown on #2.

Just like with #1, the best they can hope for is to give
more time for Evacuations.

Understand there's a DIFFERENCE between a Core Meltdown,
and the full-blown so-called "China Syndrome".

The DEADLIEST PART -- sometimes called the "China Syndrome"
is something that we have NEVER seen before.

It's when a molten-lava conglomerate called "Corium" --
consisting of nuclear fuel, control rods, structural
materials and molten concrete from the floor of the reactor
room -- penetrates the reactor pressure vessel and
containment structure, to BURN down to the underlying Soil
and Ground Water.

This NOT ONLY contaminates the sea water and drinkable
Ground Water and AQUIFERS, but creates a MASSIVE steam
cloud carrying Nuclear Contaminants high into the air.

THAT is the WORST CASE SCENARIO. Pray they can cool the
"Corium" slag lava by spraying sea water on it before it burns to the
Water Table. After that, it would be FAR WORSE than Chernobyl.

And NO -- that's NOT an exaggeration.

What's left now is a self-generating exothermic nuclear
reaction, burning at 2,000-3,000 degrees and IS turning
the surrounding Reinforced Concrete into MOLTEN LAVA.

They are purposefully shooting SEA WATER into the OPEN Containment
Vessel at Reactor #1, in an attempt to COOL IT DOWN so the
MOLTEN LAVA mass will "exchange" thermal energy into STEAM.

They are trying to buy time so that the molten mass will
STOP its exothermic reaction BEFORE it burns to the Water
Table. IF THAT HAPPENS, it would be EXTREMELY bad --
something that Chernobyl & Three-Mile Island did NOT do.

This NUCLEAR REACTION should expend its most-damaging HEAT
within the next 48 hours.

It's a calculated decision that the Japanese Government has
made, and is the LESSER of two evils.

Fortunately for the Humans, the prevailing winds are taking
this radioactive steam OUT TO SEA. This not only affects
the Sea Life, but the Food Chain itself that the Japanese
People are heavily dependent on.

*Lo & Li*

The reactor is stable, but this is an illusion. It is sitting on a knife's edge. Anything (a broken pipe, a secondary earthquake, loss of water, etc.) can set off a meltdown. Now, the utility is thinking of importing boric acid and sea water. This represents a very dire situation. Boric acid is used to absorb neutrons (to dampen the chain reaction) which was also used at Chernobyl to stop the accident there. (The Red Air Force was called into dump borated sand and cement onto the flaming core at Chernobyl to entomb the reactor).

Now, there is talk that the ulitity may want to flood the entire building with sea water in order to prevent the core from being exposed and causing a meltdown. This is like driving your run-away car off into a river to stop the engine and car from melting and exploding. This, obviously, would be a last ditch measure to prevent core damage. Flooding the core with sea water creates a whole list of secondary problems (such as contamination, health problems, instability, etc.) but right now, these secondary considerations are the last thing on the minds of the plant operators. They just want to stop the meltdown from happening.
What's next? Tune into the next installment.
In the meantime, here is a recent interview with ABC News.

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