Tuesday, March 15, 2011

HERE WE GO!!!!Mass Evacuations Begin From North East Of Japan, Tokyo
CNN: Nuclear Fallout May Reach The West Coast Of Canada and USA
!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!and so it begins (again)

it will be here in TWO days,, the 17th
march 17th 2011 do not go out side.
people need to wear surgical masks from now on....

Anonymous Coward
This may be really out there but: has anyone considered TPTB are creating an implied false panic so folks will exodus the western part of the country so the elite can get into their bunkers? It always seems that when our attention is diverted to a significant event, TPTB use it for something no one had ever considered. Just saying...

Anonymous Coward
It's obvious to me, since later on saturday, that the mainstream media in the US is involved in a general plan of "hype then dismiss". They apparently are alternating the chore of hyping the story between outlets.. for 1/3 of the day, CNN will hype and cause people "panic feelings", then they move to "dismiss" mode and allay fears, saying it wont get here - if it does it wont affect anyone...disaster's almost over and everyone will be happy listening to bluebirds singing while gazing at rainbows, just like before... At that point, Fox goes to hype mode and causes "panic feelings" again

you see, it's all part of a desensitization campaign.. when the shit reaches our shores, no matter how bad it actually is (because it WONT be keel-over-and-die-on-the-spot bad), people will be so burned out on all of it that they'll just go to work and ignore the whole thing like good little sheeple

what I expect is that the radioactive "fallout" will begin arriving in low doses over the next 24 hours ... question is, will we see it in alaska first? west coast canada? west coast US? It will be low dose, however. This will continue for quite some time and the slightly elevated levels of radiation will slowly spread throughout north america, west to east.. There will be no "keel-over-and-die-on-the-spot" radiation levels - just the shit that gives you cancers 5 to 20 years out..

This is a slow motion train-wreck and should be treated as such by anyone with a brain.. panic is not going to help anyone, nor is complete arrogant dismissal. I recommend anyone with the means to take a trip east from the western half of the US do so over the next 2 weeks, but it certainly wont save you if you do so...it will just REDUCE your accumulated dose in the short term

What I'm saying is be smart - don't over react...don't under react

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