Monday, March 14, 2011

Is It Possible That Radioactive Dust Could Enter The U.S. Via the Jet Stream?

i cannot express how defeated i feel right now.
i have worn myself out by caring,by reading,by watching,
and by thinking about every Everything i see and read.
ive tried to prepare for the coming DOOM, but when it all comes down to it,a prayer is all i can do anymore.

i could run from earthquakes, tornadoes and store food and water,but when u get right down to it,it makes you feel like EVERYTHING is about to change. everything from belief system to our understanding of where we fit- into this huge plan
where are we? what is going on with our planet?
the BP OIL disaster really opened my eyes,well, 911 opened my eyes,

then with all the dead animals everywhere. earthquakes here and there,and now this ? its just beyond comprehension, im so worn down? was that the agenda? for all of us who watch?

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