Saturday, December 05, 2009

it happened again..this morning
she just went off and continued to grill me,, what the fuck is going on here
why do i not know this person at all,why is there a issue,i am sooooooooooo
cunfussed about this
infact its all soo weird and surreal
so again the cats are afrraid and ran to hide as soon as her voice was yelling and
i just looked at her and walked outta the room,
i came to the front to breath,and here comes the yelling
i need to think and to understand and i cant -- i dont understand any of this and why is this happening
what all did i hear her say ??
1 i am crazy
2 shes sick of my negitivity
3 i didnt get her tampons(she said dont,now im in trouble for it)
4 i honestly cant even think of what she said cuz none of it is any good
wheni write it down it seems frivolus and un important, but to live thru it its awful and heavy and very crule. i am not5 understanding this at all
very crule very cold
im not about to say anything tho because it doesnt do any good - i have all this in my heart and its not helping me at all,,i have all of it right here
in my heart and my heart is broken.

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