Tuesday, December 15, 2009

NOTE to self: learn more about this penal gland.
im soo frantic or manic ..i am taking the new drug called vistariel,,its OK but i could use a valium really-
i panic while driving,(like i took a wrong turn or something)
i panic just thinkin bout talking to anyone \
my heart is pounding like crazy and i bought some cigerettes thinkin it mite help.
nope,,still crazy nervous and cigs are not helping.
Yesterday i mised the appt i had out at "shaddy park" sandypark clinic,,due to me getting lost on the west side of town,,its crazy roads are all blocked and under construction
then i went today to F and C but amuy moore is out with the stomach virus sooo...nothing has been done and its all still up in the air for now.
more details later when i can think straight..........
*took abunch of stuff to the salvation army for donations..thats a good thing.

its soooooooo cold today it hurts to be out side. Oh and the chem-trails are ouuta control in the morning sky
so they were spraying while it was still dark out ,how sinister!
im completly unable to comunicate or even loomk at people now

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