Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blue moon to shine on New Year's Eve

im a prepper,,i found a artical that decribes what I AM! a "prepper" meaning prepairing for whatever (doomsday,amagedon,2012,martial law,and so on)
i have large containers in the basement filled with water and dated, i added one drop of bleach to every gallon of water then squeezed the air out for purity.. also i think its smart to have supplys stashed ,,like blankets matches medicine alchohol peroxide,candels,canned food, fillet knives for protection, and other things...
ive prepaired a place in the basement for an emergency also have akennel down there for the cats (just in case)

You are a Prepper if you are

1.a person who grows and /or stores food, water, and other supplies in preparation for disasters of all types, i.e., economic collapse, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes etc..
2.a patriot who is against Fascism, Communism, National Socialism, Globalism, and Totalitarianism, and believes that these types of governments lead to oppression and death of innocent people, thus the need to prepare for survival.
3.a member of a Prepper Network

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