Monday, December 14, 2009

i feel extremely nervous and everything is stressing me out
i am noticing everything ..
this new drug is called vistireil and it works ok and no side effects that i have noticed.
i have to make it out to dr whitt's today at 1.30 pm,,BUT the car is acting weird again,, it studders and thebreaks are about gone..but im going anyways. if i break down,,i break down.
this week will be buzy for me, i have appts all thru out this week with family and childerns.
i have a sinus infection i believe..and i hav e to explain why im not filling the methotrexate prescription - i have to talk to dr whitt...i need to have her understand what the heck is going on. otherwise she just thinks im being uncooperitive and refuse medicine......
heres whats weird,,even if everything was normal now,,i still find a resistance on the methotrexate --im very very scared of this drug and would rahter be wiht RA then on that shit,,its CHEMOTHERAPY and i cant handel how i feel on it- it makes me soo sick for 2 weeks while starting it --it is so strong and its creepy nd i8 dont want to take it,,why am i being
labeled " uncooperitive "for not wanting to indulge in a drug that ive already spent along time on and all it did was make me sick ,,i cant handel my options,,im screwed on either side,,
either i take the metho and be sick ,,or i dont take and get attacked by jhust screwed and it stresses me out just thinkin about it,,i wonder if anyone else has bad time taking metho,,im google- ing that right now.
results :
I got sick just reading your post....bless your heart...I was just taken off body couldn't handle it. So be careful and WATCH any and EVERY side effect that you may encounter and make them listen to you. Take care.....

for me,,i felt nausea,sensitive to any and all light sick wiht just a bad feeling for days,,only one day of the week was OK and i dont think it out weighs the hassel to take it...


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