Sunday, November 11, 2007

i just love our cats they are so perfect/ kellys really sick and caught it from work,,now we are trying to keep me from getting it,,its pretty bad shes bedbound and deep lung coughs and hurts to talk or breath /OWCHIE / we hope to not spread it.

as for my RA i had to place heating pad on my friggen elbows in order to relax and sleep ,,they have really been the worst lately always sore and red and hot -
i said along time ago as for treatment and me? heres how it plays out=
we go in a punch it (with some kind of treament),right?
it comes back and punches me harder,,so in other words what ebver i do to controll it,,only last for a small time the ra just grows into a bigger stronger monster then the treatment,,so i say back OFF and hang low and just dont bother the RA,,K? kewl.
i also want to mentiopn here that i figured out that my VISION is so poor that i just cannot see w/o those glasses that kelly found -i wear them to see and they only magnify everything..i got so mad about my vision and not being able to see that i statred to cry this AM..i just got all worked up and said to kelly then "reason i cant see is because the vessels im my eyes are inflAMMMED WITH RA im sure" -because sometimes i see almost fine -- and guess what i thinnk i cant swallow because of RA too,,its in my throught,,,however ya spell that word.. its been thru my whole gum area and jaw ,,why not my throught and eyes ,,its non stopable

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Anonymous said...

I love you bug and that is a cool picture.... Half your face and half boo-boo face. I love reading your blog!
Love you