Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i cant believe this happened:
i called in my script of PREDNISONE-10mg QY=100...... this is normal when i get to the end of my bottle,*been doing pred for about 4.5 yrs *and dosage has varied based on need,,,myPOINTis:
i called in my regular (100 at 10 mg)prescription for prednisone at walmart,,NOT wall greens...-switched to wallmart because of the $4.00 UN-INSURED PPL prescriptions-even tho its always an error with whative ordered.,..and never a full prescription,,they partial fill and i gotta go alllll the way back after 5 pills,,TOO much waste gas time-not good-,so this prescription,,i asked how many in the bottle? she sd 30,,im like,,OK thats 1.5 weeks worth of pred,,i NEED 100 thats the prescription and thats what i need 100,, i've ordered it that way from the beginning,,, the lady said" sorry this is what they said to fill -im looking at it right now-" i started feeling faint andwoooosey -was swirrling and got more upset in my mind but act like ive got it together --i only said forget it, U keep it and i will NEVER come back to this store - been a hassle from the beginning and not worth the $4.00 to go thru HELL at wallmart,, (i didnt say that but i was thinking it) i just walked out ..told her to forget it.,..she was like,,wha????????

(((so anyhoo,,im leaving wallmart...thanks for wasting my GAS AND TIME ))))
i was thinking OK this is gonna turn out to be hell -i smell trouble and IM not comfy with what to do next,,go to wisemans -i was so upset all the way home,,i drove while ranting and raving tomyself and i should have had my film rolling,, but i swear to GOD 30 pred isnt gonna get it,,, i WANT MY PREDNISONE PLEaSE !)),,like i got last month and the month before damnit~
~ godwhy does everything have to be so effing hard.,.WHY WHY WHY,,its almost like im living under a curse i tell you,,a CURSE//// NEVER before in my whole almost fifty years have i NEVERMIND-,,these pll dont care about me,,or my health (doctors) WHY did doctor wiseman do that to me,? why he..he KNOWS its 100 NOT 30,,why why why /////so i go home crying..upset..i emailed to kelly what happened.,.,
my email:
kelly,wallmart screwed me again,,only this time..i screwedthemBACK..i left the medicine there and bitched all the home.
she calledhome after she got the email,,,.we talked no problem,,toldher walmart screwed upand i just want to transfreback to walgreen ..its close and they dont screw up as bad as almart,,walmart SUCKS = so she sd OK thats ok,, and i took a nap,,i was whipped out by now- and my neck and elbows stated in --so i just lay for a second,,but asleep within seconds.. i tried to stay up by thinking of exellent things to do,,i have a head full of ideas--it has to wait until i can do it tho.
next i drove to wisemans -went in nicely asked if they had called it in because i just came from wallgreens(they had called for a script p/u but when i got there nodda-???) ya know what,,i cant finish this.,,im just sitting here about to have a heart attack,,i gotaa gonow this too much
im back ,,i will nut shell this story for the record..
i asked MY DOCTOR for for my medical records over a month ago,,i wanted them ready to go when i went in the last time to review my medications.,.. he writes for pain aids for my rheumatoid,,im sure he has to cover his ass when writing scripts for OXY and darvon,,plus i do take alot of meds that are like ,,Woah,..BUT I NEED THEM for the PAIN,,i went 3 yrs withOUTand i welcome the painaids.,.life has been better with them -i can take the pain and go on,m,whenre beforei hadto lay down all the time (hell0 - i STILL laydown all the tiem,) the crying spells are MUCH less- the pain is bearible,, w/ them,,thats ALL!
OK so,,i didnt gdt my records on that day ---dr wait,,please let me review them and ensure they are correct,,fibromyalsia and everything -- i agreed to allow moretime,, MORE TIME!! they wont give memy records,,THEY have an excuse every time i call,,its bveen way to long and i need them to bring to MORTON HEATH CENTER -which ive been out to check ,and its great!----- i can hande it -- just LONG waits,,but that was at my doctors office also- (i mean we'd waitfor HOURS after the scheduled time- to see the doc) Crazy-but we have totally kissed this docors assand weve been a sport when they effed up and gave me wrong scripts causing me delays on my medications and going with out my medicaton, too! now hes screwing up my prednisone for some reason,,
the lady (pam) who works the front desk is a total flaKE-i recall the last appt ////me and kelly got home did the evening thing,,i get a call next day.,,its PAM,,asking if i have some kind of paper thing they dont find,,its hear YES w/me,,sitting on my green wingback chair with allthe other things from yesterday - i tell her,,Oh yes,,i do see it here,,,,she freaks out and says something like you are not sapossed tohave that,, OH GOD OH GOD,,so im just kinda like thingkin,,well,,shit,,i willrun it by tioday before i go downtown -nortt even A THANK you FROM THE lady..WTF? SHOULD HAVE BEEN A RED FLAG FOR ME THEN OR ANY OF THE OTHER TIMES SHE GAVE ME some one else's script --now she says " she gave me my med records along time ago -soo i said no ,,i need thenm desperately-please have them ready TODAY - she says ,,shit like,,well,,i could sweari gavwe themto puo,, I-OK - WHEW - turning red, DEEPBREATH,,WHY WOULD I ASK U FOR MY RECORDSIF I already HAD THEM,,WHY ? iwant my records and my prednisone -what is the effing problem lady -
its like they dont want to even deal with me,, IM STUPIFIED @ this point-so i leave the doctors and go get kellydowntown, tell her all about it,,plus she knew about it via email..but she also was stupified,,her point was OMG what incompidence - and this is what is holding up MY SSDI,,forreal!
she goes in on the way home,,and comwes backout saying she saw pam and saidthis and that,,and did not cusea scene BUT pam was rude and kelly said hey sometimes your not so nice and you are being that way right now (TRUEtoo) we went home frustrated as hell,,and the phone rings - its my doctor -i took iyt,,i was upset and asked why i cant have my prescription of prednisone - he patronized me AND said find another doctor- i was SHOCKED- i said what? he said find anorther doctor,,like he was talking to a 5yr old,,,very patronizing and just super gay- i just hung up,,i didnt even say a word,,kelly came in,,whats wrong what did he say,,i told kell he just fired us,,, and i just hung up,,she said ON HIM?? i said yep,,,im shocked and we anilizeed and setteled down to the DAMN truth of the mattewr is hes a quak everyone knows it,,and hes NOT a sick poersons doctor,,if u got a cold hes good,,thats it, but hes really been in appropreate wiht uys fromthe begining,,i mean,,he wants to talk politics,,when ive gotswallowing issues and a gurgle deep in my lungs,, also ,,whats up w/ these splits that just appear on my finget tips - my godthey get so bad,,i could cry,, i take pictures i tellhim,,he doesnt even listen,,so this is for the best

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