Thursday, November 22, 2007

its thanXgiving today-2007 wow,,i remember when i was YOUNG and was talkin to mary my sister-and we were talkin about the future and saying things like the year 2000 WOW how old will we be then ,,and i thought OMG 40 yrs old..i cant imagine being even close to 40 yrs old -but NOW its here and beyond,,its so weird,,TIME and the way LIFE is set up .....time passing is a strange thing if u stop to think,,,it does go fast,,,life goes fast,,
im THANKFUL for :
number one is KELLY
number two is Mary (she been there my whole life,my little sister)
i am thankful for my DAD, and all hes done for me,,i only wish i hadMORE of my daddy,imiss him bad and my life has always been to please him and make him happy with my choices.

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