Monday, November 19, 2007

sleep is the ONLY cure the BEST cure //// too bad it seems to wear off fast tho.

ive just awoken from another 16 hour sleepfest,this is what im doing to keep it aaway - i am on 25 mg of pred,,NO MORE NO MORE,,i cant take any more pred..besides,,i aclamate anyways,,so i HAVE to keep it low-dose
god,i have no appitite and imhungry,,i want to paint and do things,,but i just cant,,my fingertips are still sore and typing hurts cant pick up anything right now untill my fingers get better ,
i cried from looking at Email my RA newsletter
this is why i read it:
Emotional Pain of RA
RA can cause more than joint pain; the losses associated with RA can be devastating. Tune in December 13 as experts talk about the emotional aspect of life with RA and share healthy coping strategies.
id like to hear it,,i know ive lost it all due to rA

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