Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ohno,,on the last post i wrote that kelly is sick SICK ??!!??!!
((as sick as i've EVER seen her in 6 years!))
OK =now i feel sick, i have a cough & i hurt back where your nose holes are in the upper backpart of your mouth..thy are swollwen and very sore i have to blow my runny nose into a washloth and not tissue b/c tissue is too tuff,,cant handle it at all....
my flesh is real sore all over- i need to go to the doctor but im waiting to pick up records from primary doctor to bring to this place called MORTON health,,its a beautiful new building,& only hope its works as good as it looks,, incompidence seems to be abundant around here lately!- i had to dropoff ppr work to cris as well,, the next step isin front of a judge =to be declared disabled or what? im not sure what all can happen here,,im not getting any advise from my ATTY,, who ..nevermind,im notgoingoffonhimagain,, (im so so very tired to the core right now)
COLD WEATHER is comming,,so far,,ive been runing around in a wife beater and i LOVE this weather,,its been so amazing and beautiful but today the north winds roll in and its gonna drop to 37 degrees,, spoiled on this warm weather
NOTE: tell theapist about goreaphobia that i have it,,alot of the time..
official forecast:
At midday, a strong cold front is almost through the entire area. Expect very windy conditions and highs in the upper 50s and lower 60s. Colder air will remain until the end of the week.

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