Wednesday, April 18, 2007

V-tech rampage! OMG this world IS totally out of controll, i told kelly that this CAN- happen- ANY-W-H-E-R-E!!!!! i mean -any time - any place- any day -anywhere- the ONLY thing stopping this type of activity is the decision NOT to do it ,(via frontal lobe activity) SO this guywakes up this morning-then walks over to shoot / kill people in.a dormroom? at 7.00 am ish,,----then,walks over and blows away others in classrooms,,including shocked and in a total amazement over it all ---What alex jones says about it all,,<<<>>
we have to see what doors this opens, also- i BET IMUS (indamorning) IS GLAD is bitching 'bout him now,, the focus shifted to this episode-/// warning:we had better fix the problem or its only gonna get worse......btw my ra sux-rainy weather, have stiff hands and spine and feet and wrists. very very tired and 25 mgs of prednisone is needed every damn day,,im totally hooked/addicted and cant go back,

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