Monday, November 27, 2006

today MON NOV 27th - ive been to the SSI doctor this afternoon and then it started to rain ,,,we came home to rest,,im so exhausted from a emotional sunday at my sisters,,with family, we(kelly and i) went over to her house for dinner- which was wonderful --and then some drama occured,,cant GET INTO THE DETAILS BUT,, IT ALL WAS FOR THE BEST ANDwoorked out fine. Nowwthen today= *doctor at 2.00 pm (ssi doctor ohhhhh scarrrry) * he asked allll kinds of Q's ,,i was nervous and not in a flair so he really did not get to see the me when im ina flair,,i pray for favor in this matter..
now we r home safe,we saw 3 or 4 car wrecks all the way home .....everyones driving like bats outta hell
im so tired / gonna watch a good movie (man hunter DVD?) and relax tonite,,again im so tired,,

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