Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i just cannot belive TODAY - the dems won (its time for a change and we can all make a huge difference and improve this crazy country (wow) all that corruption VOTED OUT! byebye!

my hair is growing -ive always had a tight haircut by ROSS EDWARDS a personal friend of mine, but i cant afford it anymore, i have to just ponytail up,,,and save $ that way

i found a way to the doctor just 5 blocks away -we just drove our car,,funni because it worked just fine... like nothing is wrong, but somehting is,,we just have to bring it to the shop now and have something fixed ?? white smoke from tailpipe no good cracked seal or?? ,,im sure its gonna cost us a huge amount and we are gonna cry and be all worried about rent now,,god we can never win,or get ahead,,i mean that damn devil just keeps the bullshit comming,,,, im fuckin sick of it,,,we can just take so much here,,damnit, i wont play the lottery because i have NO luck,, at all, well least noone is shooting at us,,and we have a roof over our heads and all that,,,bla bla bla,, thank u for the roof! ha! .

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