Friday, November 17, 2006

its in the middle of a real cold night right now. i had to get up, I think i was dreaming about being under a microscope - i had some kindof bad dream- or it coulda been the pain from my splits again,but i hadto get up and come here and blog the fact that today was WEIRD
* i was very nervous from the begining because of my 2.00 pm appt. with a shrink.*
infact the appt. w/ a shirnk - and the paperwork that i had to fill out prior to the appt has been gut-wrenching (i cannot say how hard it was to answer the questions from a shrinks office and just be OK with everything,,, now i have 2 hives (itchy) so that means im stressed, so i will have to take a "anti anxiety and try to go back to bed....OH i see.....The Crop Circles show (discovery channel) is on now -how perfect

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