Thursday, November 09, 2006

i did not feel good last nite,,i slept hard while kelly and shawny went to school, they hung out here for awhile,,i could hear talking when i woke up alittlebit.,,i was glad kelly had a ride to school,,becase our car is down now,,could be bad and cost ,,,,its up at a place now,,
untill we can hear back on whats wrong with it, the sky is beautiful the weather great,..whats to complain about?? nadda! but im sooooo sleepy and feel so uninspired,,i feel depressed i guess..
cant explain why,,oh ,,im also freaking out cuz SSI sent me a form,,where i have appt made with doctors and a shrink too, wow,, OK next week i go to these 2 different places to be examined,,,wow,,scary.
*new splits on my fingers,,i took a video of them for proof,they are unbeliveable ,i mean,,like nothing anyone has heard of,,they appear outta nowhere and go down deep like razor sharp slitz along my finger-tips and if pushed they bleed and then i have to put painkiller- neo-sporin on them and wrap or wear gloves,but i cant do anything with my hands or it just stirrs them up and they hurt more then before- they wont heal,,ouchy too

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