Wednesday, August 04, 2010

very interesting information being provided by one of the most imaginative people ever. but OH what a theory he has,,,,
and i must agree that the little squggelies are important. they are intelligent and i see they look alot like sperm. and i read somewhere that ht e gulf f mexico is the womb of the planet,, so we got sperm swimming around down there and acting like its gonna tag a egg. you know?
A HUGE alien EGG down there explains all the uso reports in that area.

Blob On The Sea Floor In The Gulf Is ALIVE! Part 3 of 3

BeePeeOilDisaster August 04, 2010
I am now thoroughly convinced that yes there is a "Blob" on the sea floor of the Gulf that is some kind of living organism. This video clearly shows in detail that it has something that resembles a vein system and what looks to be its own parabolic wave and also what looks to be some time of a mammal actually encased inside of itself, this mammal you can see moves around on the inside as well as swimming right through its outer layer. Also I can see what looks to be little lights of some type, they maybe some other type of organisms that are very luminescent.

This is the strangest thing that I have ever seen. I live a few miles from a navy base and there was a rumor going around at the beginning of the deep water situation the 2 U.S. submarines where somewhere by the Gulf monitoring some type of a blob that looked like some type of a living organism, at first I just brushed it off but after seeing more and more strange things on and within the sea floor and after seeing what is in this video I am now thoroughly convinced that it is all true...

How big will this thing get? Is it dangerous to humans? Can it be killed? What if we try and kill it with a nuclear bomb and it just uses the nuclear energy for a power source? Please help by getting this information out to everyone that you can think of, people need to know what is really going on in the gulf!

this is good,,really good stufff.

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