Sunday, August 01, 2010

ive been saying for sometime now,the SUN LOOKS different!!!
the light from it, is weird, its not the same,ITS NOT, ITS NOT! but kelly just looks at me, like im loosing my mind or just weird. and i hear,a little bit under her breath,"ohhboi,its all a conspiracy".
i say "i know it sounds strange,but im tellin the sun is different and i KNOW it ,cal me craazy . i dont care.
now today, ive been watching the weather today, just because its so hot, i saw nothing on the radar at as i looked thru-out the day. now at 6.30 pm all of a sudden thunder- WEIRD thunder- and its greenish yellow looking out there. then it poured down.
i could record it, or take a picture,but it doesnt show the real sky with all the strangeness.
ok,even tho its hard toreally see it thru this camera lense, im doin'it any way,
ive got video and pics of the weirdest storm that popped up outta nowhere here i tulsa, oklahoma at 6.30 pmish.
i am worred about the rain with corexit in it. i dont want it on me. we are all inside with all doors shut, its so hot out. its abnormal. its like 106 today and its not getting any better anytime soon, we saw a huge heat up last summer, it was abnormaly hot and it lasted for about a month.
now, this year,again. i say the sun is different- its closer, or something--something is wrong with the sun.

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