Thursday, August 05, 2010

After 107 days the oil leak in the Gulf has been killed - so what's next?

today is THURSDAY august 5th,
im up extra early this AM to read all about the living creature on the bottom of the gulfOmexico. very intriguing "GREY GOO" googled, intersting,,,
I think that the creature is pregnant and is preparing itself for the birth of millions of some new species. What happens if it continues to grow is what concerns me. Any creature that can eat carbon base products can eat humans too. We are carbon based and this is a nightmare situation. It implies much.

BeePeeOilDisaster August 03, 2010
I noticed that BP has pixalated the video stream so now it is very hard to even make out what you are looking at. I am glad that I was able to record at least this much before they started playing games with the graphics. That is how BP is censoring their live stream video links, they will not focus all the way or they will not light the area all the way or their new favorite is pixalating the video feed so you can not make out exactly what you are looking at! Pure 100% CENSORSHIP and DISHONESTY

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