Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Huge Eruption On The Sea Floor In The Gulf Of Mexico!

I heard the methane bubble is more like 1400 miles wide, extending underneath Fl and on out to the Bermuda Triangle. The corexit is being used to harvest it somehow.

Henning Kemner thinks they are trying to get Yellowstone Volcano to erupt!

MSM is now saying that some scientist in South Carolina is saying that the oil is under the water or on the sea floor.

FYI: The word Macondo, as in the Macondo well at the BP oil disaster, in Haitian means "the Devil's food".

Hon, if they were to tell the truth of our peril to the masses, there would be mass pandemonium worldwide. They have military outposts set up from Georgia to California every 400-500 miles. But they know that they could not control a mass exodus form the danger zones.FEMA is broke and in no way will be able to attend to the numbers that would come out of the southern United States. I saw a huge UFO a week ago over our waters. Maybe they can help this situation or maybe they are just watching it.

Spike Lee: I really think that THIS IS GOING TO BRING ABOUT THE DOWNFALL of the United States of America, its all about greed The BPs been running things (VIDEO)

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