Tuesday, August 24, 2010

???jane jay drivingmecrazy?????
dontknow wha-cho are
dontknow whatchoo are...
dont know who you are,
dont know who you are,
its been such a long time comming,
this parade, is all criminals and fools.
you, were stuck out on the last bend?
i waz crule,i could never play by the rules...
dont know whatchoo are,,,
cant know what you are, so fast i lost control,
dont know who you are
dont know whatchoo are, is that how the night goes?
im thinking of a sound thats making me crazy.
you know i wont fight it,...fight it,
i knew it could always feel this way, i knew it could always feel this way...

i need to know who sings this song please


Anonymous said...

Angie Be - Soundwaves!!

debrabmaddox said...

i googled angie be,soundwaves
OMG!! ITS IT!! i owe you so very much!!!!
when i heard this song,, it spoke to me,, i thought of nibiru,,and was hooked on the lyrics and the groove .. i am sick of club style music - but that one,,oh,, i love that song,(off to watch the video now)