Thursday, August 19, 2010

hot story here Massive UFO Events To Take Place: Ex-NASA Official
Due to many recent UFO sightings that are making international headlines, RICHARD C. HOAGLAND ex-NASA OFFICIAL, is now giving us a warning. ====
Mysterious UFO Spiral formations have appeared in the skies over four continents. Canada, Russia, China, Thailand, Norway, and Australia have reported the presence of these unusual formations. These images have also been reported by radar stations around the world. When they appear on radar, they are highly symmetric, radial, and not associated with any known weather pattern. Authorities have no comment as to the true nature of the phenomenon. There have also been reports of spiral crop circle formations on the ground in several countries. We are being contacted by an intelligence from a reality far different than our own. The next move in this high stakes game of Contact is ours.

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