Thursday, January 03, 2008

<-pic from tulsa freezing icestorm dec.2007

its thrusday- its cold as @*!# and it affects me in all ways (most uncomfortable would be frozen numb feet) i havent been taking pics lately due to the cold really slows me down to a snails pace and i think i get so tired because im bundeled up all day moving around,,,it weighs alot,,these warm clothes takes all my wears me out to walk around with all these clothes and a coat on. i will be so glad when spring gets here.....burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

temp is 28degrees and feels like 16 due to the moist air.....

god i hate winter with RA...they dont go together.

no wonder they all move to the southwest.....
wrote that this morning,.,im up from my nap,,im moving alittle bit better,,,more sleep always does me good- only way to get RA undercontrol, but OMG the guilt of being able to sleep during wrking hours is so weird,an & unproductive./.its still freezing out,,,/ i have to wear gloves to type and walk around with a blankie wraped,,thermostate reads 70-73- and its still cold in here.

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