Saturday, January 26, 2008

IMa predface

its saturday nite,,we went to see patsy and allen braumiller and spend some time w/ them,,(been awhile) was so nice to see them,,
barack won the south carolina today,,i really thought hillary would win,,but nope,,
republicans have already had caucas and ron paul was like 1 percent - ZERO delegates,,OMG
i want ron paul to win so bad,
or JOHN edwards then hillary - because loved it when BILL was in office,,no issues that i can remember,,i had enuff money to actully go out and do we basicly are Undecided as most of americans today,,i made a prediction 5 months ago = claiming hillary the winner in the end,,Obama sure is taking off,,we supported him just after the 2004 democratic convention speech - i said who is this man and i LOVE HIM!!!!!-he gave a speech like ive never heard and gave me chills and a tear to my eye..god,,he was incrdible,,i d vote for him anyday,,but questons about his plans,, i dont like his medical idea at all,,,i dont know where id fall .inhisdeal,,,, ?

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