Thursday, September 27, 2007

GUESS WHAT? IM ALMOST 50 YEARS OLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( feel like 28 or so )
(b-day oct 3rd) i cant believe this Im really gonna be 46 but thats close enuff to 50 so i'm just gonna say 50 and get it over with.

wed was a good day and of course i slept all day. That seems to be the KEY to beating the pain,i've NOT been too bad off in pain 2day or yesterday ,with the exception of my (L) hip always radiating pain-BUT my hands feel OK and feet not so bad either-im happy, it reminds me of when i was normal at 5 years or so ago,,mnore like 6 years ago if i think about it really, damn time flys when ya sleep all nite an day,im the true RipVanWinkel /// i had NO ACTIVITY it was easy going and i was glad.

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