Wednesday, September 12, 2007

hello - i got a crazy idea and started a RA group in google,, kinda kool
and heres a pic of me lately;

i feel weird and a change is comming,, i needtooo much sleep and kelly said increase the pred,,BUT i cant because this iswhat will hapen=
i increase by say,,oh,,5 miligrams,,ok thats 25. mg a day now,,(shit i did this a year ago and weabned myself down to 150 NOW back up to 25 MG AND I GO MENTALLLY INSANE (HATE PREDNISONE MENTAL EFFECTS ON ME) theni do OK for about a week,thenits right backto the same olsame ol,,,i NEEED more now,,more pred or more sleep,,it alwaays ends up like this, no matter what i do itcomesBACKHARDER onME -and i go thru hel,,im sotiredof all thast,i want a calm existance- not all this clamity and unsettled crazynesss,,(IHATERA) so thats why i wont go to 25 ml,its just no use,,the bad OUTweighs the good on that idea...

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