Saturday, September 22, 2007

ola its sATUDAY im reaaaaaaaal lazy today
~ glad to have kelly around for a change! she has a new class starting,,accounting ICK,,boaaaaring but shes so smart and will get thru just fine no doubt!
ive been up and down with RA and my moods i mean i've been depressed then healed by god thru prayers from my neighbor judal,,aka judy shes so sweet,,she came over here to give me a plant and caught me just A balling on the front porch -tears just streaming,,i was in such pain and was waiting for the oxy to kickin,,she prayed for me and i was healed in the name of jesus// WHY WAS I BALLING???=i went way WAY past time,,, because i fell asleep,,and it always HURTS so bad to wake up especially if its past time for meds,,prednisone and oxy and darvon have been a constant survival technique that i'm worried now about the dependency of theze drugs -really its the the darvon im concerned about,,why? because my tolerance for them it WAY TO HIGHT thats it plain and simple- im smart,,I will figure out a plan -and decrease, until better ...

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