Wednesday, August 08, 2007

wed aug 8th= hotter then hell outside now,,, hate this time of year,,it SUX everything is thirsty and hot and steamy and icky,,,,hate humidity -RA hates humidity.
im sittin here in the AM,,just got back from downtown,,E is wth me (sitting on the back of my chair right now im glad he appears to be back 2 normal)
i slept for 3 days and nights now
when i awoke at 6 this AM i felt a LIGHTER side of the RA iSTILL feel it in my ELBOWS FEET hands wrists but its not as intense because of the sleep,,ITS THE ONLY WAY TO HEAL.
i feel so guilty for sleeping tho- like i ma loooser..kelly said she is proud of me for giving myself a break and allowing my self to rest EVEN if its excessve,,im sleeping my life away- that REALLY JUST FLAT OUT SUX THE BIGONE

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