Thursday, August 23, 2007

its thrusday AUG23-2007 ((((*HOT AUGUST NIGHT neil diamond double.set-great record*)))))angelCake went to school--im awake after feeling woosey and tired and swollen and sore alll day -i slept all day- The hi-light of 2day was @ 8.10am- when i filmed my journey home -camera pointed right at me, the way home from downtown (5 minuet ddrive),getting on the hiway and I HAD 2 just laught @ myself....
I laughed and thought "god,,no way i cannot place this on youtube"-or ppl wil just comment on how i cant drive or something mean - there are freeeeaks everywhere!!!! i swear,noone wants to be happy,,everyone wants to bitch and moan about how its alll going wrong and the world is fucked,,wellOK but lets at least have some fun,, a goodtime,,a laugh or hell,,just look out the window,,look at the SKY AND SMILE damnit! or i willl have to kill you
i did edit some of it,and uploaded to u.boob

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