Thursday, January 04, 2007

today=thursday,foundit TOO hard to wake up at 6.00 this am/ kelly had already been up and had coffee going,i forced myself up took my meds,,(10 ml. pred. 1 oxy 10ml. and folic acid and calcium- and helped her off to work then i sat for a while,,here at this computer to change out myspace and that took foreva! i can NEVER make up my mind on layout --nothin' is eva good enuff.....settled on *whateva.

im having a hard time ever since yesterday,,i moved that BIG rug (rolled) into the kitchen and spred it out there to be cleaned,,well,,i thought,HEY this looks OK on the floor here... so i'll just slide it under the oven here,,and the refridge too ,,no biggy,,well,ok,,i did that,,,, and now my lower is so beyond pain,,i mean im gonna have to load up on painpills today ,,i cant sit for tooo long in one hips are in the worst ive seeen them,,i mean really,,

its rainy and high humidity today and not too cold,,high 58 -i can not take "THECOLD"( i get way to cold- way to easy!)i made yesterday a 12 hour day thats all i could do,,* shawney came by wiith her 2 lil babys ,,we took pictures,,she stayed awhile we laughed at the pictures and the cutre kids,,then she went home - we ate dinner i went to bed feeling the pain in my hips,,BAD PAIN(slept on heat-pad allnite long)

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