Saturday, January 06, 2007

sat woke up 8.30amish naturally,and felt OK. no real issues today. -i took it easy,
kelly had reached her breaking point for going along at full speed she HAD 2 rest / we both are under a "allergy spell" and with hard headaches from the mild weather?i only had slight aches in HIPS hands and feet today and the weather was dry and cold (54) and sunny. i just "bummed"all day tho,nothing of significance happened OTHER THEN the fact that a UFO was spoted over Ohare airport and in just now hearing of this ..hello,im the aliens number one fan,,where has this story been for the time, why am i just now hearing about this,,OMG this is really BIG stuff,, it almost PROVES now to all the de-bunkers,,that something is really really going on here,,and high time we get the facts ,,how long have they been here,,and who amongst us is breed w/ them or,,you know,,half human half alien,,,,,,hybrids,, we want the truth and its out there,,,,

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