Monday, January 15, 2007

thank god for MOZILLA as in firefox browser,,i have NOT been able to access this BLOG in IE
i am having so many issues w/ IE i am now using firefox as a default- and was able to get in using this browser, now that im here = i had such a hardtime logging in that it spoiled the mood! maybe later ............
dont think anyone reads this anyway,,so why even bother wiht this?
i only did this for myself anyways,, a place to log whats going on with ra and how bad it is attacking me,,no mtter what i do,, well,GUESS WHAT feelin alot better,,i have been away from the methotrexate and REMICADE now ,,i was sapposed to go for remicade on the 4th of january,,i skipped it,,i felt creepy for awhile but NOW im feeling less achey- less RA -less tired and -less pain,,i feel like i may be actully healing now,,if so,then THATS GREAT,, but why did i have to quit taking the RA =remicade and methotrexate to get better,,I SWEAR IT WAS MAKING THE DISEASE WORSE, it stirred it up,,hell,,looking back,,i was doing ok and making it UNTILL I WENT TO THE DOCTORS, and they placed me on all that stuff to STOP the ra,,but it only made it worse,,those doctors DO NOT BELIEVE ME,,they dont,,i see it on there faces when i say the remicade and metho was making it worse,, but hey its the TRUTH!

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