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There’s an old saying – “That which does not kill you, makes you stronger.” I would add that, in my experience, “that which does, can be used by God to make you stronger still.” Here’s one more: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the Truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
Welcome to my world. I’ve been reporting on earth changes for years, and have never been so attacked as when I began reporting the following Truths….
Many are still asking questions as to why massive earth changes are taking place. Recent case in point:
The sobering reasons for this and many other increasing earth changes, are hidden from most, as they refuse to use their God given abilities of observation to realize them. There exists a Huge Media Blackout regarding earth and moon orbital changes. See:
The evidence is everywhere. Many have been witnessing the sun rising and setting ridiculously further north than normal in summer for the last several years. Large quakes have been popping off like clockwork whenever the moon hits it’s new northern limit once a month. God’s Word pronounced these changes to the letter at Luke 21:25-28 and describes the signs in sun, moon and stars, as well as the shaking of the heavenly bodies, and the increasing agitation of the oceans, (Tsunami) at this time. Read Revelation 16:8 which also describes the pouring of the 4th bowl upon the sun, making it hot on earth, in conjunction with the world record shattering heat that the northern hemisphere has endured as of late. Who will argue with the evidence that the sun’s radiation has markedly increased? Of course antarctic sea ice has grown! The sun’s been much further north than was traditional for millenia. A couple years ago, Bolivia endured record shattering cold which killed off millions of fish and other tropical animals which were not equipped to handle temperatures colder than the south pole for much of July!
You see, God is angry with our country, and the world at large….as we have defaulted to put in power above us, those who are His enemies! The proof that God’s Word is unfolding exactly as foretold, is everywhere.
Net search – Shriner Lucifer
Net search – D.C. Jerusalem masonic shrine
Net search – six pointed star mark beast
Net search – 666 talents of gold
Who is in power of the world at this time? The bible describes them and their mark to the letter! No other Book on the planet at any time comes close to the accuracy and Wisdom contained in God’s True Word. Why are so many corporate, social, financial, political and religious leaders, masons? Satan’s sock puppets are enjoying their ‘hour of power’ so to speak….yet most among them know intrinsically, that their time is short.
Look and see that secret societies have founded their doctrines on the fallen solomon, who fell away from Yahweh, the One True Creator, and took the “Star of chemosh” as his personal seal, hence the “Seal of solomon” or the HEXagram. A geometric representation of 666. That is why the HEXagram is above the eagle on our dollar bill. It symbolizes, that they rule OVER America. Many soldiers have been asking why it is that on EVERY officer sword in the U.S. military, a HEXagram is now etched on every hilt. Why has MalWart changed it’s logo to a six pointed symbol? Note on Youtube that various videos of mobile guard towers are going up in MalWart parking lots at several locations in the south east.
The HEXagram IS the mark of the beast, as forewarned in God’s Word. Those who take this mark, or worship the beast will be allowed to buy or sell in the days ahead…..but will pay the ultimate price.
What is happening to heaven and earth itself at this time? Again, God’s Word is True. See the link below, as there is much evidence that Luke 21:25-28 is in fulfillment at this time, as is Revelation 16:8, and Isaiah 24:20 to be fulfilled soon enough!
Time, as one can see if one has eyes, is short indeed. Whose side are you on, dear reader? Your own? Lucifer’s by intentional action or paralytic inaction?
If you be of Yahshua, Jesus Christ, then do as He commands and instead of sitting in silence with one’s head hanging low……come OUT from AMONG those partaking of this broken corrupted world and it’s crumbling traditions. ”STAND UP and LIFT UP your heads, for your REDEMPTION draws near!”
The hour is truly late, and one had best turn or return to God in Christ Yahshua while there is yet time. And may He find you working what is good toward all upon His return!
Blessings in Christ
P.S. The Moon is near it’s new extreme northern limit this month….watch and see if a large quake does not occur soon.

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