Sunday, October 07, 2012

 HUGE Louisiana sinkhole CONTINUES COLLAPSE and causing Seismic activity!!!
the intelligent question would be "where the hell did
all that gas come from?"
Im pretty sure Synthia creates methane as a by product as it consumes oil (carbon?). There was also another GM organism that was used first to make the oil easier to withdraw.

Synthia was mixed with the mutagen, corexit (benzene) and dumped to mitigate/hide the disaster. I imagine both gm organisms are subject to mutation, so it is possible that vaccines they have created will not work.

Add that to Venters poison washing up in Fla infecting people and potentially mutating itself from meeting corexit. Anyone know how long benzene stays effective in the environment?

Seems like the plan should be to hit the northern western states, make as much money as I can and then head to South America.

Is methane exposure better or worse at altitude? Too many variables?

Government officials and the media continue playing dumb as the ‘mystery’ sink-hole grows ‘more mysterious’ as sinkhole continues to expand swallowing a boat and a tree.

Public officials claim the “mystery in the swamp” continues to grow more “mysterious” as more and more revelations surface that government has known all along what is behind the slow motion train-wreck.

 Assumption Parish/Bayou Corne RE: Bayou Bubbling
Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Sinkhole

Artificial life created by Craig Venter - but could it wipe out humanity


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