Sunday, October 14, 2012

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This should be a major story, especially before the election. Vote the Green Party. BP should lose its license to operate anywhere in the US. And if other governments were smart, they would shut down BP also. And no just changing the corporate name and letting these incompetents and immoral oil executives keep on operating. How about charging them with crimes against humanity? How about charges against BP for destroying the earth? How about raising their taxes to make them pay for this destructive calamity?

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hi anne
bp cant even make the 18 billion final compensation payment because the kazahkstan thk bp/arctic/rosnett deals are getting complicated.. tony blair (jp morgan and WPP) has a sweat on… imo

and the bp profit is in jersey.. land of protected paedophiles and suppressed bloggers trying to get the truth out..

its a complicated world.. :(

@Razz and Anne. IMO you're just not getting this. It's IN THE AQUAFER. THE AQUAFER COVERS 7 states. The pressure is 1000psi. It only takes 75psi to blow: the clay will eventually not hold it. It will blow. Mark believes it will burn. Even if it doesn't the air will be lethal. Bayer divested of Texas Brine, when the BP disaster made this event inevitable, according to Matt Simmons, who was, some say, murdered for predicting this. The earthquakes and factures will continue. The gas releases will spread elsewhere. Many elsewheres. Sue them? Well, yeah. If we can still breathe.We have a lot bigger problems than fixing blame for monetary damages. Like survival.


I've been reading your comments with interest.

I believed that the ocean floor was fractured and that Simmons was murdered for sharing the news.

That said, I don't know enough about geology to fully understand the mechanism whereby the entire aquifer has been contaminated.

Can you please explain how the fractured ocean floor could result in the contamination of the entire aquifer and the collapse of the salt dome at issue?


BP Spill Residue Found in Minnesota Pelican Eggs


How long can this keep up, it's getting bigger.
There is flammable substance.
There is fumes.
What's the plan?
What about the public?
How toxic is this?
How's the drinking water there?

I can guess..My guess is that this can't last like this, and it can get a whole lot worse.
How can this be healthy to breathe in?
I would say it's not safe to live there, how can it be?
Have you seen this disaster, get any better?(I haven't)

That picture captured what the oil on top looks like, after it was highlighted. It's a horrible disaster.

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