Sunday, October 28, 2012

Since 2009, real time magnetosphere data has provided irrefutable evidence that a powerful magnetic influence OTHER than the Sun resides in the inner solar system. But perhaps even more compelling is the testimony offered by the cover-up whenever magnetosphere data is blatantly concealed as the unrelenting incidence of magnetosphere anomalies defy any explanation other than the presence of a rogue planet.
For nearly 10 years, the NICT Magnetosphere Simulator provided real time, two-dimensional visualizations of Earth’s magnetosphere, but was conspicuously terminated in March 2012. Now it appears yet another once-reliable source for modeling Earth's magnetosphere has been compromised.
A brief historical summary is provided below:
In 2009, NICT MagSim began showing Earth temporarily losing her magnetic south pole.
In 2010, NICT MagSim depicted how the area of Earth's magnetosphere below the ecliptic started deforming.
By April 2012, the escalating incidents of severe magnetosphere compression resulted in a sudden and implausible suspension of NICT Magnetosphere Simulator web services.
By May 2012, other data sources were being utilized by ECAPS ning members to track the increasing incidence of magnetosphere anomalies resulting from Planet X including:
In addition to many enduring severe compressions of the magnetosphere, by August 2012, severe turbulence in the magnetosphere was demonstrably evident.
By September 2012, severe tilting of Earth's magnetic dipole in the direction of Planet X was apparent.
On October 19th, an unprecedented combination of magnetosphere anomalies were observed.
A few days later, it became apparent that further cover-up attempts of magnetosphere data were being implemented. A severe compression was recorded between 20:00 UTC October 23rd and 00:00 UTC October 24th, yet it was not depicted on BATSRUS.
The following images are from a similar severe compression that occurred on September 23, 2012. Ordinarily, during such prolonged severe compressions, BATSRUS produces images that reflect a squeezed magnetosphere (first image below) and eventually the characteristic closed magnetic field line "rings" (second image below) indicating that Earth's magnetic field is temporarily subsumed by Planet X:
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