Tuesday, July 31, 2012

i wasn't going to get on the " james egan holmes  -- conspiracy theory"  until things looked a little clearer.
but now w/ all of the blogs , MSM ,cameras and interviews, connections and opinions. Let it all sufface then sift thru it all to see the meaning.
i IGNORED the conspiracy theories. i know how it goes,,everything can look like a conspiracy, but  in this case. its very hard to IGNORE .
 The list of discrepancies are  huge and i cannot buy the official story any longer. i shall compile a list  of inconsistencies  for posting here in my notepad.   brb. Tuesday July  31st.

*i feel weird today. it is the END of JULY its hot as hell out side, and im  convinced this is another conspiracy. weather conspiracy to  silence any significant information linked to warming , sun exploding , sun burning out,,or just closer to earth,,something is different. the sunlight doesn't look or feel the same..
im fifty,
i've lived in the sun, thanked the sun,loved the sun all of my life. 
something has changed.
just got back from Cindi's . its so hot out there i thought the tires would explode on the hi-way.
 i held tight the whole way there and back.     
   so its going to stay HOT as hell thru the month of OCTOBER
i feel its appropriate as we reach closer to DECEMBER 21ST 2012,DOOMSDAY fooreal.
this is all just leading up to it.
im worried about all the lil animals out side. god bless animals and people oh lord. amen.

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