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07.17.12 From 7 billion people 4.7 billion will perish soon.......
A summary of this thread (UPDATED)
1. From 7 billion people 4.7 billion will perish soon: 2.3 Billion Survivors, 1.3 Billion Children & 1.0 Billion Adults
2. From that 4.7 Billion, the half will perish on the main cataclysm. (Described on #11) The other half will perish in other events. Some people will survive the main event, but will not survive the others. 3. The whole process will endure 45 months. There will be mini-dooms before and after the main cataclysm. Very great changes on September/October/November 2011.
 4. 99.5% of people hidden on bunkers will be dead. (Explained on #25)
5. The process will end at May/June/July 2015. No precise dates. One third of human population will survive at the final blink. (Explained on #26 thru 34)
6. People orbiting the Earth or other planets will not survive neither.
 7. A celestial body will hit the moon.
 8. The moon will turn red as the elements mix and expand above its surface.
9. The Moon surface will resonate for 72 hours.
10. After the crash, a piece of the moon will break apart, approximately of 700 miles wide.
11. The Moon's chunk will crash into the ocean (best scenario) at the North Pacific, Central Pacific or Atlantic Oceans.
12. The worst scenario is crashing somewhere between Canada and USA borders, near the Great Lakes.
13. All the waves in the planet will be a mess by the intense gravitational force and disruption of tides before the impact. 14. Just by seen the waves behaving disturbed, lot of people will die by heart attacks around the world, before the lunar chunk hit the ocean.
15. When the lunar chunk crash, the tsunami wave will cross central America from either side of the Oceans.
16. There is an object below our sun, perpendicular to its rotational axis, that is pushing our Moon more distant than usually in respect to Earth, causing our Moon to look brighter since the Moon now are expose to more sunlight,is the direct responsible of the tilt of the moon.
17. That object is observable just in the south pole areas, with extremely powerful equipment.
18. That object is tilting the Earth as well, causing extreme weather changes and the repositioning of the equator.
19. That object is directing all comets to fall in spiral because of its enormous gravitational force.
20. That object is not behind, or in way to our Sun, the object is sucking down (perpendicular) our entire Solar system.
 21. When calculating comet trajectories you need to add this object to the equation or your predicted models will be wrong.
22. That object is affecting other planets in our solar system as well.
23. Its level of attraction is increasing, so we are now more vulnerable to heavy earthquakes, specially to the north part of the new equator. Think about the Earth as a balloon being compressed at the bottom and expanding at the upper side.
24. All of these events are not about God, religious faith or Aliens. It can be explained perfectly by science. Near 75% of the truth is hidden to the general public. NOTE: This is not comparable to the rapture: NEVER! In the rapture your God choose people and leave the rest in the world to perish. Aliens can't save a world that is being sucked down from this enormous galactic object.
25. Mostly all people in bunkers, are evil people, selfish, wicked and with obscured minds. Surviving all the events are a matter of evolution, not emergency preparedness. Lets suppose only the people in bunkers survive. Then the next world would be worst than the previous, because only wicked minds will rule the world. With wicked minds only, the world as we know will endure no more than 2 years, because there will be always people searching for more power and fighting each other to rule.
26. Every human being must face purification. Everyone has the same chance, but only the chosen will survive at the final blink. On the following events you are going to be chosen to live or die by your level of mind. You are chosen when you complete the process, not because someone choose you.
27. Only people with clean minds and hearts will survive. Not all the people will die in one event, and not because you survive one event means you will survive the remaining events. If you are not clean you have the chance to be pure through the process. If you think you will survive, you will not. If you think your kids are your property, you are not prepared.
28. People that survive at the final blink will face evolution. One of the gift of evolution is the extension on the life span. You probably will live 300 years without a single headache. Death will not be a problem anymore. You will not fear anymore in the New Earth.
29. Next human race will be very different to the actual. There is no other way a new race of human would emerge if they not dace this global changes.
30. Our current system consist of 4 known categories: The creators, The diffusers, The feeders and the rejected ones. If you are inside of any of them you don't have the power within you to face the evolution.
31. At the final blink, there will be another type of Earth and humans. The evolution will start in the mind, extending to the physical body. The world as we know is coming to an end, but the world after that will be a million times better than the previous humanity.
32. The fifth race of humans will emerge. The potential fifth race is not out of the system. The fifth race is not made of rejected people or people that choose to live outside the system. (self-rejected ones) Their point of view is not on the left or right or in between.
Without the intervention of the fifth race, the system is destined to fall anyway. The potential fifth race are like passive (but not asleep) spectators in the World's Biggest Play. 33. There will be no more slavery on the fifth race.
The fifth race will be of transcended humans. Your mind will expand. You will face an evolution.
You will live more 200 years in a single life. No diseases, no hunger, no worries. We will not need airplanes or cars for travel after that. We will have microscopic and telescopic vision among other kinds of features.
And the nature will also face evolution. Entire species, jumping into new dimensions. It will be wonderful!
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From 7 billion people 4.7 billion will perish soon link.


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