Wednesday, August 08, 2012

so im looking at GLP site, just  cruzin' from one stinky linky to another and ended up over at YOU TUBE.
no big deal, always end up at YOU TUBE watchin some  quick   clip  on ELE/ NIN.... jk....LOL
get it? i watched the clip i was interested in, and my eyes glanced over to the right column where all the related,
i see this image i cant understand so i focus a little bit more on it ,then realize it says,,of all things......
black and white zitz on a nose close up
i had to see if i read that right..yep, its correct,but wtf is the image in the pic that caught my eye to start with?
i cant make it out???
 so i , gulp,hit play..and realize it is a  big ol nose, up very very close
and it really does have alot of issues on  it,,
so i said whoah,, whoah,,,,,,, and clicked outta there so fast,,
but i hate to say,,for a split second i wanted to hang around and read the comments cuz what could anyone say? i'd ,,,naww,, i dont need to know,,LOL 
do not search YOU TUBE for pimple popping cuz you will get it ,,and its unbearable
  ( is that because in America we have freedom of speech and all that? but who would want freedom to do this i dunno,,such a strange world sometimes i wunder if im really  supposed t be here  aug 8th 2012 )

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