Friday, February 08, 2008

<- me right now I DONT FEEL GOOD. itsfriday,,, im so weak and tired today i cant hardly do a thing,,weather=COLD . suX bad. havent been sleeping well@ nite i awake 2-3 X and i dont know why i would even want to get up,,,BUT I DO,,i will stay up for an hour just wondering what the hell im doiing UP * i did tell my shrink about how scared i am and how i dont ever want to talk to anyone or go anywhere,,i wonder what happened to me,,i was a scocial-lite of this town,,EVERYone knew me - and i knew everyone, tulsa is small enuff to get to know ALOT of ppl if you have worked in retaillikeme,..(12 years of manmnt in BEBE- FOLY'S- and VANITY- @ our biggest mall here in tulsa woodlandhills,,great place towork, i spent 8 years with -MERVYNS and thats what hooked into me retail ---------- i kept getting recruited for managmnt,,, i had a reputation for working hard and getting the store at least to number three in the district,,,sooo i was a great manager,,my employees,,well,,my friends,,all respected me.,. we worked great together,,GOD i miss my career..and ppl. but for now... but now i choose to stay secluded and why,,,i think i dont want anyone to see me like this,,,a failure.,,,whatever,, ,,dr prescribed some NEW medicine for me i MUST go get it - NEUROTIN i told him i have terrible tingling an fburning in hands and feet,,he said OH THAT sounds like ,,??????? cant recall- I HAVE TO TAKE 2 NEUROTINS ONE AM / ONE PM FOR WEEK AND SEE IF IT HELPS . i just looked up this drug : Definition of Neuralgia = Neuralgia: Pain along the course of a nerve. Postherpetic Neuralgia Neurontin (gabapentin) is indicated for the management of postherpetic neuralgia in adults.

*IMOPRTANT* NOW this video,,it mademe CRY_ilove ronpaul-omg with alllllmy heart i LOVE RONPAUL= i gotta crush on ronpaul-
and to add PEACETRAIN to this clip by cat stevens,,(ive ALWAYS ADORED) this is the BEST YET for ron paul

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