Monday, July 25, 2011

Look at what ELENIN is doing to the surface of SATARN as it passes by.

The comet or whatever it is, has passed close to Saturn on its way inbound. Coincidentally, NASA is recording the largest electrical storms the planet has ever seen:

“Prior to the planet’s August 2009 northern vernal equinox, when the sun was shining in the southern hemisphere, the location of all observed storm activity on Saturn was a band encircling the planet at 35 degrees south latitude that imaging scientists had dubbed `Storm Alley’. Well, to our great puzzlement, this new storm — now 500 times larger than any previously seen by Cassini at Saturn and 8 times the surface area of Earth — has erupted at 35 degrees /north/ latitude.” says Ms. Porco. “The shadow cast by Saturn’s rings has a strong seasonal effect, and it is possible that the switch to powerful storms now being located in the northern hemisphere is related to the change of seasons and the changing position of Saturn’s ring shadow. But why the obvious hemispheric symmetry in storm eruption exists is not yet known.”

This is a very strange comet. The electical radiation associated with it is enormous. What will it do to earth?

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