Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is Elenin The Remnant Iron Core Of The Asteroid belt?

Was Elenin the iron core of the planet that is now the asteroid belt?

Elenin might be the remnant of Sitchin's Tiamat, an earthlike world blasted by an interstellar object millions of years ago, sent careening toward the sun and falling into a very long 3600 year elliptical orbit.

If so, Elenin will not have the big coma or comet tail as we shall soon see as it passes STEREO B. We are going to soon find out that Elenin is a big sphere of frozen iron with a gigantic electrical charge. Elenin might be a huge iron ball that spent thousands of years collecting a charge in deep space.

Last December Elenin caused asteroid Sheila to light up as a temporary comet and caused a big storm on Saturn. Go to google images and search elenin saturn sheila to see what I mean.

IRAS infrared images of Elenin show a huge seventeen million by 100 million mile charge in NASA photos. At 14 AU this thing was huge, what is it now and is it so horrendous that NASA dare not release recent infrared images? Could that infrared signature be the electrical charge of the object? Is it so huge that when it discharges like a giant capacitor that it might cause the sun to swell past Mercury orbit like the Avery crop circle seems to indicate?

The earth could be engulfed in the sun's heliosphere as it expands rapidly. Even if the earth stays outside of the sun, it could push so close to us that the earth is no longer in the habitable zone, where water can exist in liquid phase. Going underground would be the only way to survive.

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Anonymous said...

theory: the Milky Way is a capacitor battery that periodically overloads via a non-locality event that transfers the neutrino energy into a gamma ray source on the equatorial rim of the galaxy.

Gas clouds similar to Fluff are energized and compress all solar systems within the cloud. Sol's among them. As the heliosphere compresses down to perhaps Mars, Earth can be (as it has in the past) exposed to cosmic rays and expansion. This compression mimics the original heliosphere before adoption of orphan planets stretching the heliosphere so thin that actions natural to the thicker heliosphere can no longer occur. During the compression fantastic discoveries such as bacterial transformation of elements occur. Gases condense. Oil supplies replenish just as theorist such as T Gold imagined.

Unfortunately, this compression happens only at the end of the 5,000 y cycle, a year or so before decompression via non-locality. The events related to the original compression are ephemeral. We then spend the next 5,000 y chasing the philospher's stone.

Now for the news: http://holographicgalaxy.blogspot.com/ this fantastic piece of science shows how carbon nanos organize electricity and magnetism in space. We can forget about dark matter/energy. Its carbon nanos. And there is no need for an imaginary gravitational force to create neutron stars, the unimaginably massive magnetic field (graphite under strain) does the job. Forget huge stars going to iron, our Sol has an iron core which makes O Manuel's theory valid.

Isn't science wonderful..Thank you S W Carey, hero of earth science.